Bud Lab Raw THC Distillate – 1g


The Purest THC Distillate Available In Canada

If you’re looking to up your cannabis game, it’s time to check out Bud Lab’s premium quality house-made Distillate. This product is perfect for those who search for a potent yet smooth high, while keeping the process quick and clean . Concentrates are the purest and cleanest form of THC in existence, and we only use the absolute best terpenes and trichome content in ours. If you’re looking for a powerful hit of cannabis, look no further than our potent Concentrates.

Shop The Highest Quality Concentrates Extracts With Bud Lab

With a Canada wide marketplace, Bud Lab delivers high quality concentrates and top-of-the-line accessories, leaving satisfied customers coughing in its wake from coast to coast. All Bud Lab products are lab tested for THC & CBD percentages and include a full product description that covers aromas, flavours, effects, strain genetics and parenthood, creating a highly personalized purchasing experience where little is left to chance with the customers getting exactly what they are looking for.