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With the rising demand for CBD products in North America, companies have scrambled to make their products as convenient and attractive as possible. Those looking to medicate with CBD can now do so in a wide variety of ways. However, not all dosing methods will provide equal results. How you consume your CBD will affect how much of it is absorbed, and how much of it will be required to satisfy your needs.

Absorption Depends on Bioavailability

The method you use to consume CBD will affect its ability to enter the bloodstream and produce its effects. The effectiveness of cannabinoids depends on their bioavailability – their ability to enter your bloodstream. Different methods of consumption will have different rates of bioavailability. As such, some methods will lead to more CBD being absorbed and utilized than others.

When compared to vaporization, ingestion leads to less CBD being absorbed into your bloodstream. In fact, when it comes to sublingual application, the mouth is considered to be one of the least effective areas for bioavailability. However, sublingual application is also one of the quickest methods of absorption. With sublingual application, effects should be felt within minutes, if not seconds.

When it comes to edible CBD, absorption is impeded by the liver. This is due to the “first-pass effect”, where the liver reduces the concentration of bioactive compounds that pass through it. The liver will actively reduce the amount of CBD available for the bloodstream, either through chemical breakdown or through absorption.

Even after CBD has entered the bloodstream, it should not be expected to remain there. CBD is hydrophobic, meaning that it is not soluble in water. After absorption, it rapidly diffuses out of the bloodstream and into local fatty tissue. This significantly reduces the amount of CBD that can enter and remain in the circulatory system.

Vaporization Is More Effective At Absorbing CBD

One way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your CBD is to ensure that you are consuming it correctly. Vaporizing CBD is more effective when it comes to absorption. The main reason for this is because non-oral consumption bypasses the liver’s first-pass effect, allowing more CBD to enter the bloodstream. Rather than passing through your gut and liver, vaping CBD allows it to enter your bloodstream directly through your lungs. By absorbing it through the lungs, you allow nearly 3-4 times more CBD to enter your circulatory system at once.

Moreover, when compared to edibles, using a CBD vape will allow you to feel the effects of the cannabinoid much more quickly. This is because it does not have to pass through your liver or gut to be absorbed. A CBD vape will produce its intended effects 30-60 minutes quicker than an edible.

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