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Nowadays, consumers are provided with an array of options for enjoying cannabis products, both medicinally and recreationally. One of the main selling points of newer products, such as capsules and vape pens, is that they can be consumed without alerting other people. Despite the progress of the marijuana legalization movement in Canada, cannabis still can not be legally consumed in public. Therefore, cannabis products that can be carried and consumed discreetly allow consumers to medicate anytime, anywhere, without worrying. Here are some of the most discreet cannabis products available in dispensaries today:


Edibles are the classic way of dosing discreetly. Infusing marijuana into delicious baked goods such as brownies or cookies will not only mask the smell of cannabis, but can also make the experience of consuming it more enjoyable. However, many recipes still produce edibles which hold on to some of that weedy plant smell. For those situations where the smell of marijuana can not be tolerated whatsoever, capsules can be used as a completely odourless alternative. Capsules are typically made by mixing THC/CBD with an oil that encourages easy digestion and full absorption (usually coconut oil). The obvious benefit with all kinds of edibles is that they can be eaten quickly and discreetly, without altering anyone else to the presence of marijuana.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are not only discrete, they are also a great option for mobile dosing. Vape pens are very similar to e-cigarettes. Whereas electronic cigarettes convert nicotine infused ‘vape juice’ to vapour, vape pens convert THC or CBD infused oils into vapour. Vape pens and their accompanying cartridges are odourless, and will only emit a smell when their vapour is exhaled. Vapour, however, dissipates much quicker than smoke, meaning that the smell will not be as strong, and will disappear much quicker. Pens are usually no bigger than the size of your hand, making them very easy to carry, and very easy to conceal. Additionally, they can be turned on and used within a matter of seconds, making them an ideal option for dosing on the down low.


Oils like CO2 oil and Rick Simpson Oil can be discreetly used in two ways. Either by placing them into vape pen cartridges and vaping them, or by ingesting them like an edible. The same goes for distillates like Medi-Clear. When placed into the cartridges of vape pens, or bought separately as pre-filled cartridges, oils will function exactly like they would in a regular vaporizer. Oil (or distillate) cartridges and syringes are odourless so, as long as they are properly closed, they can be handled and carried with no concerns.


Before the era of the war on drugs, ingesting tinctures was one of the most popular ways of consuming marijuana. Tinctures are made by infusing THC or CBD into a liquid medium, typically alcohol (everclear), glycerin, or some kind of oil (grapeseed, hemp, etc.). Tinctures are super discrete because they are nearly odourless and can be quickly taken without arousing any suspicion.

Tinctures can be consumed one of two ways, either by being placed under the tongue, or by being swallowed. When placed under the tongue, effects are immediate and can last for 2-3 hours. When swallowed, effects take longer to kick in, but will likewise last for a longer time.

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