Woman Purchasing Weed Online in 2020

Shopping for marijuana online can be stressful yet entertaining at the same time. If you’ve never looked online for weed, you may be impressed or even overwhelmed by all the variety products being offered: flowers of all kinds of categories, vape pens, edibles, hash, and even in more exotic forms.

With that in mind, we’d like to present you the complete guide on how to buy weed online in 2020. Making things easy, we break down each step of the process, from finding the best site for you to placing your order and finally receiving your product.

  1. Knowing the type of cannabis product you want
  2. Finding viable online dispensaries that carries your product
  3. Researching the reputation of each dispensary
  4. Placing your order
  5. Sending your payment (Interac e-Transfer)
  6. Track your product shipment

1. Knowing the Type of Cannabis Product You Want

Well, there’s a reason why you’re in the online market for cannabis, right? Maybe it’s just plain old-fashioned bud strains by the gram. Or perhaps you want a reliable vape pen to carry everywhere. If you’re just looking to get high, start by researching the different ways of intaking THC, which is the compound inside a cannabis plant that grants the “high” effect commonly associated with marijuana.

Narrow down the category of product you’re after. Different intake methods can yield different effects to your body. Usually, you can break this down further by identifying exact flavours or strains. For example, if you’re looking for buds to roll into a joint, you would first break that down into indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, then pick out the top 3-5 strains that interest you the most.

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2. Finding Viable Online Dispensaries That Carries Your Product

Now comes the fun part. Start researching for a few online dispensaries on Google to find the product you’re after. You can search for the name of the strain, the brand of the product, the flavour of the cartridge, and everything in between. Browse around on the sites to confirm that they indeed carry the product you want.
Identify a few sites that meet your desires then take note of their prices. This shouldn’t be the immediate determinant of which site you buy from; instead, it will be used as a reference in he next step towards purchasing your product.

3. Researching the Reputation of Each Dispensary

As a smart consumer, we always want options to help us find “the best” place to buy from. Buying weed online is no exception. Now that you have narrowed down your options to 2-3 websites, do a bit of digging on the reputation of each site. Try looking on places such as Reddit or CanadianMOM forums for past customer feedback. While one or two negative reviews might be unavoidable, if there is an overwhelming amount of negative feedback associated with a certain brand, they might be best avoided.

If you’ve done the above but still can’t narrow your options down to just 1, check the prices. Feel free to price-shop at this point for whichever dispensary offers the best prices or shipping fees. One trick to consider when buying weed online is to send the customer support a message. You’ll likely want to shop from a site with better customer support and response times. (When in doubt, go with the friendlier one.)

Make sure your website of choice isn’t in the topic of a review like this

4. Placing Your Order

Pull the trigger on your order! Add the products you want into your cart and fill in the shipping details. Pay attention as some sites offer free shipping if you meet a certain minimum, so if you’re already close to that threshold you may want to top up just a bit more. Double-check to make sure everything looks proper on the checkout page before completing your order.

At this point, depending on the site you’re shopping from, the next step can differ. Some online dispensaries may offer Credit Card payment via encrypted plugins or accept Cryptocurrency. However, 95% of online MOM’s accept payment via Interac e-Transfer, which is safer for both the seller and buyer. If your dispensary is the latter, check your email inbox for the next step to your ordering process.

5. Sending Your Payment

At this point, you should be receiving an order confirmation email in your inbox just moments after placing you order. The email will ask you to send payment via Interac e-Transfer and will provide the information you need to complete the e-Transfer.

We have written an extensive guide on how to send Interac e-Transfers, but here is a quick breakdown: head over to your online banking page, select the option resembling the nature of “send a payment”, then enter the dispensary’s email address in the “recipient” field. Be sure not to include any mentions of marijuana or the name of the website in this step, or your payment may get flagged by the bank!

After you’ve successfully sent the e-Transfer, you should receive another email confirming that your payment has been received and that your order has shipped out. A tracking code will then be provided for you. Just be sure NOT to be like this guy…

6. Track Your Product Shipment

If your dispensary ships via Canada Post, you can track your shipment on the Canada Post website. Other dispensaries may ship via DHL or FedEx, or even offer local delivery. Usually orders are shipped out within 1 business day of a dispensary receiving the order and posted via Express Post. The delivery time for Express Post is quoted 1-2 days, though may differ based on areas and current volumes. A Calgary package shipped to Edmonton will be much faster than a Toronto package shipped to Vancouver. Likewise, a package will ship much faster two weeks after Black Friday than during the week of.

With this guide, hopefully you’ve gotten a good grasp of how to buy weed online. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support reps. We’re always happy to help, even if you aren’t shopping with us (yet)!


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