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Girl sending an Interac e-Transfer

The most common payment method for any online dispensary is through sending an Interac e-Transfer. There are various reasons for this, but the simplest explanation is it keeps the transactions secure and private for both parties, the customer and the seller.

While sending payment online through Interac e-Transfers may be common practice for those of us who frequently buy things online, a good population of Canadians aren’t very familiar with Interac. Naturally, this makes a good portion cannabis shopper, who shop through one online dispensary after another, filling our carts just to abandon it when we find out our favourite payment methods aren’t available.

If you pause to think about it for a minute, you may quickly realize why so many dispensaries choose to accept Interac eTransfer as their main payment method. While some of us don’t mind having “XXX BIG DANK HEMP SHOP” listed on our credit card bill at the end of each month, many others prefer to keep their statements clean and their hemp hobbies out of sight.

Interac e-Transfer does just this. Every payment made with e-Transfer is securely encrypted and only shows the name of the company accepting the payment, not the one selling weed to you. As customer discretion is one of our top priorities here at Bud Lab, we highly recommend our shoppers send payment via e-Transfers. Likewise, if you have yet to start shopping on Bud Lab, or if you’re just cruising our blogs to find out how to send payments to another online dispensary, chances are you’ll eventually need to get accustomed to Interac as it is a pre-requisite to buying weed online.

Now, with all that out of the way, let’s walk through a typical order and how it would look on the customer’s end.

1. Browsing and Placing the Order

Take Betty for example, who is a 67-year old women looking for CBD on Canada’s #1 best online dispensary. The only technology she interacts with on a daily basis is her musty old desktop and a 2006 iPod Shuffle that her neighbour’s son gave to her. She’s currently shopping for CBD products to help with her pernicious hip pains (you may think that’s an unlikely scenario, but you’d be surprised!).

First, Betty will browse throughout our CBD category to find the product to her liking. She adds 1 CBD Isolate Tincture to her cart, and via a recommendation from her son, adds 1 Aira ACDC 3:1 CBD:THC vape pen kit as well. With no active promotions, and no coupon codes, this order totals $229.43, and she is ready to pay. As this order is above $149, she qualifies for free shipping. At this point, she clicks proceed to checkout to begin the payment process.

2. How Do I Send eTransfers?

After confirming her shipping address and billing address are correct, as are the items she wishes to order, Betty clicks on ‘Place Order’. At this point, an email is sent off to the email address she provided, detailing what she ordered and the total cost. We’re now at a point where a decent amount of our customers gets confused. The most important thing in this case is to read the email in full. It details the exact instructions needed for safely sending the e-Transfer. Here are a few common questions that shoppers experience:

What Should I Name the eTransfer Recipient?
Never mention ‘Bud Lab’, ‘Bud’, ‘Cannabis’, ‘Marijuana’, ‘CBD’, ‘Edibles’, ‘Vape Pens’, etc. in your e-Transfer in any fashion. For example, don’t save the contact as “Bud Lab”, as that is a giant red flag for most banking institutions. Additionally, don’t mention anything about the products you are purchasing, or the intent of purchasing, in the messages.

Can I Use Autodeposit to Pay for Weed?
Sure you can. Just be mindful that if you’re choosing the Autodeposit option, be sure to include your Order Number in the message/comment box. This will help the payment processors recognize your order number and get your cannabis products dispatched as quickly as possible.

If I Don’t Pay for My Order, What Happens?
If an order is not paid for within 24 hours, it will be automatically cancelled. This is to prevent our inventory from being held in limbo, where quantities gets mixed up and unable to be purchased by potential customers. If you simply forgot to pay, reach out to us and we can assist.

What Should I Put as the Secret Question?
Perhaps the most frustrating situation, please follow the instructions and set your Secret Question as your order number, and the Secret Answer as what we’ve provided. If you must deviate from instructions for whatever reason, do not set the password as something that only you will know. For example, if your security question is, “What is the name of my dog,” we have no way of knowing that and it complicates the process for both of us, with the end result usually being a delayed order.


Step-by-step Guide of Sending an Interac e-Transfer

In the body of the email, you will find a list of banks most commonly used by customers. Select your bank to be automatically sent to your Online Banking interface.
Then, once you’re logged in, look for something along the lines of “Send an Interac e-Transer.” For this example, we’ll use a standard RBC account. You will begin by needing to add a recipient, and for the case of RBC, you’ll need to add them as a contact. For the name of the contact, use “Threadlab”. Do not use ‘Bud Lab’ or anything of cannabis nature. After you’ve added the name, you’ll need to add the email address that you are sending the payment to. You can find this in the order confirmation email you received not long ago.

(Send the payment to the email address provided, with the same Secret Question and Answer as provided)

After you’ve added the email, input your order total (in Betty’s case, it is $229.43). You will then need to input a Security/Secret Question and a Secret Answer. As mentioned previously, if you are not using Autodeposit, use the Secret Question and Answer that we have provided to you via email. If you are paying using Autodeposit, be sure to put your order number in the message/comment box. This helps notify the dispensary’s payment processor that your order has been paid for much quicker.

Once you’ve filled in the above detail, send it off! You will then receive a confirmation in your inbox that your payment has been received and that your order has been shipped off. Please note that this process can take up to 24 hours, so be patient if you don’t see it right away. Congratulations, you’ve now successfully placed an e-Transfer order! Now all there is left to do is to wait for your carefully packed order to arrive.

Main Takeaways of Sending an e-Transfer

Please review your eTransfer before sending. Ensure there is no mention of Bud Lab or anything similar, and that your Secret Question and Answer matches what was provided in the email.

We hope we’ve been helpful, and you now know how to send an eTransfer when buying weed online in Canada. Furthermore, we’re hoping that this article has shown why sending Interac eTransfers are vital for keeping your order safe and secure. Sure, it is a few more steps than a typical online purchase, but these steps are more than worth it for your personal security when you are buying weed online. Now that you know how to send an eTransfer, go out there and start placing your orders!

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