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With the present day rising popularity of magic mushrooms, many enthusiasts are overjoyed by the fact that the most popular strains are now available for purchase online. With major online dispensaries offering shrooms as part of our standard lineup, those who weren’t previously familiar with buying weed on websites are asking the age-old question:

“How do I send eTransfers to buy shrooms online?”

In this guide, we provide a detailed guide on how to pay by Interac eTransfer, why most shroom dispensaries and customers use it, and ending with some possible alternatives depending on the site you’re shopping on.

Table of Contents

    1. Browsing for Product
    2. Placing the Order
    3. Sending the eTransfer
    1. What Should I Name the eTransfer Recipient?
    2. Can I Use Autodeposit to Pay for Magic Mushrooms?
    3. What Happens If I Don’t Pay for My Order?
    4. What Should I Put as the Secret Question?


How To Send eTransfers When Buying Shrooms Online

Interac e-Transfer is the most common method for most online mushroom dispensaries to collect payment with. In short, it keeps the transactions secure and private for both the seller and buyer, and allows quick processing for the order to be delivered as fast as possible.

Let’s get into the step-by-steps of sending an eTransfer to pay for a magic mushroom order:

  1. Browsing for Products

Take Rosie for example, a 34 year old woman looking to pick up some magic mushrooms that her friends told her about. Great. First time tripper and first time shopper.

First, Rosie will browse through the mushroom catalogue to find products that she’s interested in. Wanting to start with small, she adds 1g of Metz Magic Mushroom into her cart, but later deleted it and instead added a 5g grab bag when she realized it’s more bang for buck.

With no active promotions, and no coupon codes, the order comes up to $29.99, and she is ready to pay. As this order is below $149, she will have to pay for shipping, which is $16.95 for Canada Xpresspost.

  1. Placing the Order

After confirming her shipping address and billing address are correct, as are the strain of psilocybin shrooms she wishes to order, Rosie clicks on ‘Place Order’. At this point, an email is sent off to the email address she provided, including details on what she ordered and the total cost. We’re now at a point where a decent amount of our customers gets confused. The order is not yet complete!

To complete the order, Rosie reads through the email, which details the exact instructions needed for safely sending the eTransfer. She then visits her bank’s website to send the eTransfer.

  1. Sending the eTransfer

In the body of the email, Rosie sees a list of banks most commonly used by customers, and selects the one she’s with. Let’s take Bank of Montreal for example.

She visits BMO’s website, logs into her personal banking, and finds something along the lines of “Send an Interac e-Transfer.” She then adds us as a recipient under the name of “Tom Hardy”, and inputs the email address mentioned in the order confirmation email.

After setting Bud Lab up as a recipient, Rosie inputs her order total, and sets a Security/Secret Question and a Secret Answer. As mentioned previously, if you are not using Autodeposit, use the Secret Question and Answer that we have provided to you via email. If you are paying using Autodeposit, be sure to put your order number in the message/comment box. This helps notify us or any dispensary’s payment processor that your order has been paid for much quicker.

Once Rosie fills out the above, she sends it off! She will then receive a confirmation email in her inbox that the payment has been received and that the order has been shipped off. Please note that this process can take up to 24 hours, so be patient if you don’t see it right away.

Congratulations, both the order and the eTransfer process are now complete. Now all there is left to do is to wait for your carefully packed order to arrive.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Sending eTransfers

Q1. What Should I Name the eTransfer Recipient?

Never mention ‘Bud Lab’, ‘Bud’, ‘Mushroom’, ‘Shroomies’, ‘Cannabis’, ‘Marijuana’, ‘CBD’, ‘Edibles’, ‘Vape Pens’, etc. in your e-Transfer in any fashion. Additionally, don’t save the contact as “Bud Lab”, as that will result in most institutions flagging the order, causing problem for your banking. Instead, name it something generic, such as ‘McDonalds’ or the name of your dog.

Q2. Can I Use Autodeposit to Pay for Magic Mushrooms?

Absolutely you can! Some banks and institutions offer the functionality of sending an eTransfer with Autodeposit enabled. Just be mindful that if you’re choosing the Autodeposit option, be sure to include your Order Number in the message/comment box. This helps our team recognize which order you’re sending the payment for, which will help reduce processing time and get your mushrooms shipped out to you as quickly as possible.

Q3. What Happens If I Don’t Pay for My Order?

Any order that is left unpaid within 24 hours is automatically cancelled. This procedure helps prevent our inventory from being tied up, allowing all our shoppers a chance to get the magic mushroom and microdose products they want. If you forgot to pay within this time period, or need a few more days, reach out to us and we can help out.

Q4. What Should I Put as the Secret Question?

Do not come up with your own secret question and answer!

In the email you received for order confirmation, included are instructions on what to see your secret question and answer to. Both of them are provided in the email. Deviating from the provided secret question and answers will result in us not being able to receive your payment, which leads to the same effect as an unpaid order.

In some very rare cases, secret questions and answers may incorrectly display on your computer. In those scenarios, set the question and answer to something logical, such as “What country are we in” or “What is 2 + 2”. Questions like “What is the name of my favourite band” will result in us having no idea what the password is, and will usually result in a delayed or cancelled order.

Main Takeaways of Sending an eTransfer

Sending an e-Transfer to pay for your magic mushroom or microdose shroom orders are easy once you get started. Remember, always review your eTransfer before sending! Ensure there is no mention of Bud Lab, shrooms, or anything similar, and that your Secret Question and Answer matches what was provided in the email.

This girl’s order got cancelled because she named her order inappropriately. Don’t be this person.


Why Send Payments with eTransfer Over Other Methods

While sending payment online through Interac e-Transfers may be common practice for those of us who frequently buy things online, a good population of Canadians aren’t very familiar with Interac. Naturally, this makes a good portion of mushroom shoppers. We’ve found a large portion of customers abandon their carts after finding out their favourite payment method (ahem, Visa) isn’t available.

There are reasons why we, and many other major mushroom stores prefer eTransfer payments. For starters, eTransfer payments do not appear onto your credit card bill at the end of the month. This allows users to be stealthier with their purchases, keeping their hobbies out of sight.

Additionally, with Interac e-Transfer, every payment made is securely encrypted and only shows the name of the party accepting the payment, instead of the one you’re getting the product from. As customer discretion is one of our top priorities here at Bud Lab, we highly recommend our shoppers send payment via e-Transfers. Likewise, if you have yet to start shopping on Bud Lab, or if you’re just cruising our blogs to find out how to send payments to another online dispensary, chances are you’ll eventually need to get accustomed to Interac as it is a pre-requisite to buying magic mushrooms online.


Paying with Alternatives Such as Credit Card

Although we recommend our shoppers to pay via eTransfer, often, there simply isn’t enough time in a person’s day to place order, pull up a new tab to pay, while digging through their emails to find the confirmation instructions just to munch on a couple shrooms. We get it. That’s why we also offer payment with Credit Card, which has helped many of our customers experience a much more streamlined experience. However, do keep in mind that not every site offers Credit Card as a payment option, as the vendor fees can prove costly for stores operating at a smaller scale. For this reason, we recommend you to still become familiar with sending out eTransfers, unless you plan on only shopping with us ?


We hope we’ve been helpful, and you now know how to send an eTransfer when buying magic mushrooms online in Canada. Furthermore, we’re hoping that this article has shown why sending Interac eTransfers are vital for keeping your order safe and secure. Sure, it is a few more steps than a typical online purchase, but these steps are more than worth it for your personal security when you are buying shroomies online. Now that you know how to send an eTransfer, go out there and start placing your orders!

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