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When Canadian consumers are looking to buy weed either in person or online, most of us judge the quality of a batch by its look, smell, and feel. Very few will take the time to find out where the flower was actually sourced, nor do they understand the importance of this often glossed-over attribute. However minor it may seem, the source of a batch of marijuana can be a crucial indicator of its quality and potency.

Cannabis can be produced by all types of parties – from recreational growers to mass production legal companies in the prairies to anywhere in between. With all considered, there are 2 primary categories of growers, each with significant differences between them.

Choosing Craft Cannabis – Quality and Rarity Above All Else

Craft cannabis is coined for marijuana strains that are raised to the highest possible standards while are also rare in nature and hard to source. These are usually cultivated by growers to produce in low volumes but give the highest levels of care in the way the plants are raised. This includes the use of living soil, organic plant nutrients without the use of pesticides or PGRs, ideal lighting and watering conditions, and more. The outcome is connoisseur-grade cannabis strains made to taste like nothing else.

Producers of craft cannabis usually face a much higher overhead cost with everything considered, since their output volume is smaller in comparison than commercial growers and also having to source the rarest strains from across the world. They also groom their crops based on personal preferences, experience, and feedback from their consumers. With craft cannabis, the growers must specialize in the art of growing both outdoors and indoors, and often make decisions based on quality instead of output, which is why so many enthusiasts view their products as superior.

Choosing Commercial Cannabis – For Larger Quantity and Unbeatable Pricing

When it comes to commercially produced cannabis, the quality is often sacrificed to yield more output in return. When a crop of cannabis is commercially produced, it usually means a corporation or business has pumped it out as quickly as possible for the sole purpose of generating revenue.

While in the present day, because the demand for high quality cannabis is so high, the quality for commercial cannabis has come a long way since the early days of legalization, the quality is still no match to craft crops. However, the benefit for commercially produced marijuana is the cheaper price point, which depending on your preference in consumption may still lead to the same levels of high.

Differences Between Commercial and Craft Cannabis

If you’re just a casual smoker of weed, the difference may not be as evident nor important for you. However, if you’ve been in the hobby for a bit, you may start demanding higher quality weed over larger quantities of mid-strains.

Commercial growers rarely offer more exotic strains and often the crops contain a lot more fluff and small nugs compared to craft growers. Hence, if good quality and trying new designer strains is an aspect of the hobby you value, craft cannabis is the way to go. The only caveat to this is the price point – check out our article on the current economic landscape and how Canadian cannabis consumers can plan ahead for their monetary expenses.

With that said, commercial cannabis isn’t all bad. Typically, at more casual party settings, people usually prefer the cheaper, more widely available strains to ensure everyone has enough to pass around. Sharing an exclusively packed pre-roll filled with the most exotic buds may not be the most economical choice (unless you’re that generous).

Differences Between Commercial and Craft Cannabis

Whether you’re in the market for craft or commercial marijuana, Bud Lab has you covered. We carry anything from big batch shake & trim bags to high end connoisseur-grade strains, ensuring you’re able to find exactly what you need. As the one-stop-shop for buying weed online for thousands of Canadians, we ensure our inventories are always stocked up with the finest cannabis strains. Browse our selection of strains and make your pick between craft and commercial strains now!

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