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In June, the province of British Columbia revealed its legal framework for the upcoming legalization of marijuana taking place later this year. Residents over the age of 19 will soon be able to legally purchase and use marijuana products. However, provincial and federal regulations are designed to be restrictive and to limit the ability of BC residents to purchase a variety of marijuana products at fair, competitive prices. As such, consumers in British Columbia will find that it is more convenient to buy their weed online from third-party distributors such as Bud Lab, rather than through local dispensaries.

What Will Marijuana Legalization Look Like in B.C.?

The province of BC plans to regulate weed sales through its Liquor Distribution Branch, which also handles alcohol sales in the province. Marijuana will be distributed through brick and mortar dispensaries chosen by the province. Adults who buy or carry weed in British Columbia will only be allowed to have 30 grams in their possession in public. Additionally, marijuana is not permitted in vehicles, unless it is being carried in its original, unopened packaging.

The quality of government regulated marijuana has also come into question. Cannabis activists have criticized the government’s warehouse storage and distribution plan, claiming that it quickly degrades product, and leads to sub-par buds being sold in store. Federal regulations will further restrict consumer access to high quality marijuana products at fair prices. For instance, while there are no THC limits on dried flower buds, marijuana oils can only contain a concentration of 30 mg per ml of oil. Similarly, pre-rolled joints will be limited to a gram per joint. Meanwhile, certain products, such as baked edibles, will be altogether unavailable in regulated dispensaries.

B.C. residents should also expect their legal weed to be more expensive than what they are used to paying. Regulated marijuana will be sold at a set price, to be designated by the federal or provincial government, effectively removing any kind of fair competition on prices. Additionally, the federal and provincial governments are looking to incorporate special tax rates for cannabis transactions, further adding to the price.

Why You Should Buy Weed Online From Bud Lab

Bud Lab offers a quick and convenient purchasing experience that is designed to provide our customers with better product and better selection at lower prices. Here are just a few of the benefits you will experience when you buy weed online from Bud Lab.

Easy Online Ordering

The Bud Lab experience allows you to buy weed online, without ever having to leave the comfort of your home! Just place your order, confirm your payment, and wait for your package to be shipped. Our online ordering system is especially beneficial for medical patients who can not, or do not want to, leave their house.

Fast Shipping

Our nation-wide shipping is both fast and discreet! We ship our packages with Canada Express Shipping so as to ensure quick delivery and accountability. Our customers are supplied with tracking numbers for their packages so they know exactly when to expect their product.

Discreet Shipping and Billing

Our packaging and billing is completely discreet, allowing our customers to maintain their privacy. When you buy your weed online from us, nobody has to know!

Highest Quality Products

Our product is lab tested and is guaranteed to be of high quality. Don’t waste your time buying mediocre buds from local dispensaries. We make sure that our producers supply us with only their highest quality product!

Superior Customer Service

The Bud Lab customer service team is always ready to help answer your questions or address your concerns. Our team is trained to deal with any issue that you may have, and to ensure that your experience is a positive one. We’re always happy to help our customers!

Superior Selection

At Bud Lab you will not only find high quality buds and flowers, but also other popular cannabis products such as concentrates, CBD, Vape pens and oils, and edibles. Our selection of products is superior to most local dispensaries, and will provide you with more options for medicating, or enjoying weed recreationally.

Bud Lab is one of Canada’s foremost online dispensaries. We’re developing into a go-to destination for marijuana enthusiasts, as well as beginners who are just learning about the benefits cannabis has. We offer incredible product and strain variety. To check out what we have in-store, simply visit us online at budlab.co! We look forward to hearing from you!

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