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Bulk Hash Strains

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How To Use And Enjoy Bud Lab's Premium Quality Hash Strains

Traditionally, Hash is enjoyed with a hookah instrument, not everyone carries a hookah pipe around with them. With that said, adding hash to your cannabis enhances your experience and overall high. Here are some ways to use our premium hash products:

Crowning A Bowl: Crumble a bit of hash on top of your usual flower.
Adding Hash To A Joint: Mix bits of hash with your cannabis when rolling a joint or blunt.
Dabbing: Dab Rigs are meant to smoke hash and other cannabis concentrates.

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The Best Hash Strains On The Market Delivered Right To Your Doorstep

To maintain our reputation of quickly and safely delivering premium hash to our customers is our top priority. We are the go-to shop for thousands of Canadians for buying weed and hash online. Our team continues to source and deliver top quality cannabis products at the best prices, shipped in a discreet manner.

We are dedicated to speedy shipping, pristine product quality, excellent customer care, and selling the highest quality hash products.

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