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AAA-Rated Hybrid Bud Strains

Aira Cart Refills – 💨


Blue Gas – 🥶⛽


Golden Teacher 👨‍🏫 – Magic 🍄


Kabul 2022 Hash – 🧱


Malabar – 🍄🚀


Mazar E Sharif Hash – ⛰


Melmac – 🍄🍔


Pink Gas – ⛽🎀


Shake/Trim Blend


Sugarland – 😋

Bud Lab Small Grinder Full of Crushed Buds

The Best Variety Of Hybrid Bud Strains In Canada

Can’t decide whether you’re feeling Indica or Sativa for the day? Why not get the best of both worlds? Bud Lab carries the widest variety of top quality Hybrid bud strains that will suit your needs. Every product has its unique flavour profile, sure to leave you satisfied and return for more each time. Check out our large selection of professionally cultivated Hybrid bud strains in Canada.

Our weed quality is one of our top priorities; this is why we have partnered with the best farmers in British Columbia to provide our customers with nothing but the best marijuana grown naturally and with love. Browse our extensive catalogue and discover why Bud Lab is the place for the most premium buds in Canada.

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Bud Lab is Your One-Stop Shop For The Best Quality Hybrid Strains

With the legalization of marijuana in Canada, many brick mortar shops offer marijuana products. However, with so much competition in the market, it can be challenging for weed lovers to know how to find the best weed quality.

Luckily, all our products are hand inspected for quality before it is shipped to you. Enjoy our premium strains in the comfort of your couch. All our products are vacuum sealed for smell/freshness protection and packaged into a standard internal outside wrapper with no external markings. We are here to provide nothing but the best marijuana; buy weed from Bud Lab today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What separates one cannabis strain from another?

THC and CBD levels, plus, the terpene profile are the most important factors that differentiate one bud from another. At Bud Lab, you’ll find a selection of the industry’s newest and most popular strains in Canada – guaranteed to blow your mind and leave you coming back for more!

Do different cannabis strains have different smells?

Absolutely! Through terpenes, which are the responsible compound for the way most plants smell, you notice that each terpene provides a slightly different aroma, such as pine, lavender, or lemon.

What medical conditions can cannabis help with?

There has been a reasonable amount of research that evidence how cannabis can help treat the effects of epilepsy, glaucoma, chronic pain, and cancer. Some conditions are better treated by CBD dominant strains while others are best treated with THC buds.

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