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The majority of cannabis connoisseurs usually look for the same 3-4 aspects in a strain when it comes to shopping for flowers. Every strain is different and unique in its own way, but what do consumers want most out of their weed? The answer is often potency. Experienced cannabis consumers will often lean towards a strain with a higher THC percentage, compared to a strain with a lower THC percentage. Then again, most marijuana enthusiasts have their own preferences and personal guidelines for enjoying bud.

While THC is the main contributor to potency in weed, it’s important to understand the role terpenes play in enhancing the outcome of a strain. Myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene are all examples of terpenes that contain aromatic compounds which give strains their own personal flavour profiles. A cannabis strain that’s rich in both THC and terpenes is a noticeably better experience than one that lacks chemical diversity. In this blog post, you can read up about 5 of Bud Lab’s strongest and most enjoyable marijuana strains as of July 2020.

1. Tangie (AAA Rated)

Despite mostly Indica characteristics, Tangie provides a powerful and vibrant Sativa high. It offers users a boost of energy and motivation, making this an excellent wake and bake strain. Tangie averages a THC level of 20.5%. It’s also an inspiring strain — its sharp sense of focus can help users focus on important tasks while still being completely baked.

2. Mimosa (AAA Rated)

Mimosa offers near-instant euphoric effects that cast a spirit of joy into your life along with a sense of energy that keeps you focused and uplifted for hours. Bodily effects include tingles that run from head to toe and relaxed limbs. Mimosa is an elusive Sativa and you may feel the slightest bit lethargic if you indulge too heavily. Novice marijuana users will want to take this one slow; some variations of this strain can reach about 17% while the high end is closer to 30%.

3. Death Bubba (AAA Rated)

A pungent delicacy bred in our very own British Columbia, Death Bubba has held the crown for its potency and couch-locking abilities. This Indica strain is well-known for effortlessly knocking users out into an amazing slumber. Death Bubba is also amazing for pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia. If you’re all about the potency, you’ll love this flower as it has a whopping strain average of 26.5% THC.

4. Strawberry Cough (AAA Rated)

A tropical fan-favourite Sativa, Strawberry Cough was born from a cross between Strawberry Fields and Haze genetics. It has a powerful THC content of 26%. Not only does this fruity strain have a great taste, but it also has a lot of traits which make it suitable for recreational use. As an example, it induces a highly enjoyable and trippy head buzz which takes users for a joyride through euphoric vibes.  If you came to this article looking for a summer strain, this strain is for you.

5. Grease Monkey (AAA Rated)

With a strain average of 28% THC, Grease Monkey is no stranger to potency. This luxury bud eases users into its high, starting with a faint pressure in the face. Within minutes, it delivers a warm tingle that spreads throughout the entire body, pulverizing lingering muscular tension. Grease Monkey does not fail to induce a cerebral mindset, making users jump from one thought to the next.

If you’re looking for an upgrade in potency with your marijuana, these 5 hand-picked strains could be the perfect choices for you. When indulging in these tremendous strains, remember the adage “start low, go slow”. Bud Lab is one of the leading online mail-dispensaries in Canada and works with the most trusted and premiere growers and cultivators. Shop today online for top tier quality Canadian weed for our customers and friends. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team.

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