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THC Infused Drink Mixes

Cannabis consumers love their THC in a variety of ways, whether that be from a specific strain, different methods of consumption, or even flavour profiles. Regardless of how you experience your THC, most of us love the occasional tasty cannabis edible treat. While it remains easy on the lungs, it can also deliver powerful and long-lasting highs.

Consuming THC-infused Edibles is one of the most traditional ways of experiencing cannabis and it’s fantastic properties. With that in mind, edibles have evolved to crazy heights in today’s hobby as you can infuse nearly any food and/or drink product with THC and CBD.

Introducing: Cannabis Infused Drink Mixes

One of the most underrated ways of experiencing the powerful effects of THC is through delicious Drink Mixes. Chances are, you have probably never tried a THC drink mix. Similar to edibles, these powder and syrup mixes each contain their own unique THC and flavour content. Not only that, but you can crack open your favourite pop and add a mix to it to experience cannabis like never before.

Our Bud Lab Team happens to carry a diverse selection of delicious drink mixes. These products offer a unique method of enjoying your THC in the form of a tasty drink. In this month’s blog, you can read up about a few of our favourite THC-infused drink mixes to try just in time for the holiday season!

#1 KEYY Card THC – Tangerine Dream (30mg)

One of our more popular mixes, the KEYY Card Tangerine Dream is a refreshing shot of citrus and tangerine for those who are more adventurous. Each product comes with a 10ml package containing 30mg of THC. This is the ideal product for when you just wanna kick back and relax and enjoy your favourite pop and/or juice, without getting overwhelmingly baked.

#2 Drink Mix – Fruit Punch (150mg)

A sweet delicacy, our THC-infused Fruit Punch Drink Mix is an amazing product that can be enjoyed by yourself or shared amongst friends. This treat is best enjoyed when mixed into 1 litre of sparkling water. Users should expect nothing less that an irresistible fruit taste and very relaxing high. Keep in mind that this mix has 150mg of THC, so measure your portions and consume accordingly.

#3 Drink Mix – Iced Tea (150mg)

You can never go wrong with an Iced Tea Drink Mix, especially not when it packs a powerful punch like this one. Enjoy our famous Iced Tea drink mix and feel yourself melt into euphoria the more you sip on it. Do keep in mind that this mix has 150mg of THC, so measure your portions and consume accordingly.

#4 Baroness Edibles – Cherry THC Drink Syrup (550mg)

Fast, effective, and discreet, flavoured cannabis syrups from Baroness Edibles are a great way to add a powerful kick into your drink with zero effort! The Cherry THC Syrup yields a staggering 550mg of THC making it one of our strongest THC products. These premium syrups don’t even need to be mixed with anything, they are great on their own as well. However, be cautious and mindful with how much you drink as it packs a strong cherry punch!

Bud Lab is proud to offer our beloved customers the best variety of Canadian Edibles in the Canadian market since legalization. We offer only the highest quality drink mixes so you can enjoy your cannabis deliciously. From marijuana brownies, gummies and so much more, you can shop confidently for edibles with Bud Lab. We strive for unbeatable product quality, exceptional customer service and discreet yet speedy delivery. If you have any questions about Bud Lab, feel free to contact our Customer Support Team.

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