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As the holiday season nears once again, the team at Bud Lab have prepared yet another guide to providing you and your loved ones with the best gift ideas this December. From fan favourite weed edibles to connoisseur-grade hash and rosin, we’ve included something in this list for everyone.

Adhering to tradition, we’ve selected 2 options from every category of products, ranging from AAA marijuana bud to vape pens, from CBD tinctures to edibles. We know that it takes time to deliberate on which gift to give to whom, so without further introduction, let’s get into it!


Best Bud Strains for This Christmas

Strain #1: GG Bomb Shake & Trim 1 Oz Grab Bag

Starting off the list with a classic, the GG Bomb Shake & Trim 1 Oz Grab Bag is a delight for any cannabis enthusiast that has experience with fine weed. With upwards of 20% THC content packed in its sticky, dense nugs, its shake and trim form of appearance will also yield users an intense high. The best part? We’ve got a couple dozen packs of these stocked up and ready to fly off the shelves. If smoking with shake & trim isn’t your cup of tea, also check out GG Bomb in the form of grab bags here, or with smaller nugs here (still a plenty powerful high).


Strain #2: Grease Monkey (AAA) ½ oz Grab Bag

A strain no stranger to our top lists, the Grease Monkey was also a strong feature on our previous list for the top 5 strongest strains. The classic strain of choice for those looking not just to enhance focus and motivation, but also seeking decimating levels of incomprehensibility, Grease Monkey has always been the go-to choice for many enthusiasts who’re looking to write-off a whole day in the name of tasting green. As our mobility reduces and bodies cozy up during the winter months, wouldn’t it be refreshing to have something as powerful as Grease Monkey to fuel our veins with a rejuvenating high?


Best Cannabis Edibles for This Christmas

Edible #1: Baroness Edibles – Comatose Quackers THC 250mg

As a direct descendent of the previously crippling Baroness Edible – ‘How to Tame a Unicorn’, the Comatose Quackers is much milder in comparison. With a reusable package containing 250mg of THC, these soft gummies are the much more sensible and responsible choice than that of a whole piece of 500mg THC. While not as powerful as a whole, these little duck-shaped gummies are still mighty potent individually, providing you and potentially your friends & family a hearty high to get through the colder days.


Edible #2: Bud Lab THC Gummies – Pineapple

In the midst of winter, with snow in all of our surroundings, it may be oddly delightful to chew on something more Summar-y. While the Pineapple THC Gummies cultivated and manufactured by our own house team may be an odd choice for the Christman time, we found it to actually bring forth a surprisingly welcome contrast of flavours that offset the cold. Sort of like a “Take me back to LA” caption at the end of a 60 hour workweek.


Best Vape Pen and Kits for This Christmas

Vape Pen Kit #1: Skywalker OG by Aira

When we think of vape pens, many people picture a reduced form of cannabis that delivers sweet and fruity flavours with every pull. Not with Aira’s Skywalker OG vape pen kit. These pens are seriously potent and created on a foundation of science. The Skywalker OG especially, uses Aira cartridge extracted from a thin-film distillation process that further reinforces its potency and ability to put users into a euphoric trance. 


Vape Pen Kit #2: Diamond Concentrates Latin Pound Cake

With all the vape pens available in the market, Diamond Concentrates is the go to for many enthusiasts who look for both potency and variety of flavour. Such is most evident in the Latin Pound Cake flavour of Diamond vape pens. The indica-natured pen packs a solid flavour of, well, Latin pound cake, completely detached from the raw and stinkiness of traditional weed, yet miraculously organic in its ingredients. Let one of these compliment your Christmas dinners if you wish to aggressively taste every molecule of texture from the celebratory feast.


The Best Place to Buy Marijuana Stocking Stuffers

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for loved ones, it’s hard to go wrong with a few splashes of cannabis in everyone’s stocking stuffers (given they are over the majority of age). At Bud Lab, we are proud to present our curated collection of the finest and most potent marijuana products available in Canada. Look no further than our shop if you plan on picking up a few variety products from several brands. Who knows, you might also find some surprise Christmas treats in your order this holiday season!

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