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Bud Lab Quads

Bud Lab Quads – The Highest Quality Marijuana Flower

Bud Lab painstakingly takes the time to select only the highest quality marijuana to sell at the Quad level (AAAA Grade buds). You can rest assured that when you buy a quad bud strain, you are getting the best quality product on the market with rich trichomes, dense nugs, hand-trimmed craft cannabis. Shop the selection below.

OG 1 Kenobi Mini


Shake/Trim Blend


Blue Gas – 🥶⛽


Melmac – 🍄🍔


Malabar – 🍄🚀


Sugarland – 😋


Kabul 2022 Hash – 🧱


Mazar E Sharif Hash – ⛰


Aira CBD Tincture 1000mg – 💦


Aira Cart Refills – 💨

Bud Lab Indica strains, pharmaceutical grade

What Makes a Bud Quad Level?

There are a few different factors that will determine whether our marijuana strains will make the cut for our Quad level bud offerings, including:

  • Visuals: Are the buds big, full, and fresh with visible trichomes to yield the most euphoric highs?
  • Smell: Do the buds smell fresh, distinct and amazing? Each strain has a unique smell, but you will always know when you have a quality bud by the smell.
  • Taste: Nobody wants to smoke gross tasting weed, and with Bud Lab Quads that is not the case. Quads will always have a fresh, crisp taste.
  • High: Loaded up with higher levels of THC, you will feel the highest level of effect from your desired strain.

These strains are some of our favourite and will not disappoint when you smoke them, vape them, or use them in edibles. Expect a great high perfect for sharing with friends, or winding down after a long week.

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