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Bodega Edibles

What are Bodega Edibles?

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Bodega Represents Family, and You're More than Welcome.

Located in the heart of Canada’s cannabis community in mainland Vancouver, BC, the Bodega team’s unparalleled industry experience, cannabis expertise, and passion for creating lasting positive change are the core tenets of what drives the brand. Bodega Edibles believes that cannabis products should be accessible to all adult Canadians who want or need them, and that from medicinal, to holistic, to recreational purposes, the way you choose to use cannabis should be up to you. That’s why each line of Bodega products is specially designed to cater to a wide range of uses.

Founded by long time cannabis advocates, Bodega values innovation and inclusion above all else — and, of course, providing exceptional quality cannabis products created with specifically tailored experiences in mind, every time.

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Let's Get High Together...

Inspired by the laidback lifestyle of West Coast surfers, skaters, and dreamers, High Dose edibles are edibles for the sake of fun. Grab your friends, grab a bag of Bodega High Dose Edibles, head down to the beach, the bonfire, or your BFF’s backyard, and enjoy getting weird. High Dose gummy flavours are available in 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg THC options.

In the age of cannabis as a health and wellness holy grail, the joy of taking an edible with your buddies and kicking back is beginning to look like a thing of the past. We’re not health-hero-haters, but we think there’s still a time and place when good weed can just be good weed. Hence, the High Dose gummies are created: delicious gummies, infused with a ton of the highest quality THC around, that are made with a good time in mind. Prepare to catch the wave: high dose is our name for a reason.

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Looking to Integrate Psilocybin into your Daily Routine?

Maybe you’re looking to microdose on a regular basis to enjoy the benefits of increased creativity, decreased anxiety, and improved mood. Perhaps you’re looking to take your next philosophical discussion with friends to a whole new level with a museum dose. Or you might be looking to reset your ego and perspective of the world by taking a trip to wonderland with a mega dose. For all the above and more, Bodega's Wonder Edibles has you covered.

Wonder psilocybin edibles are carefully crafted using meticulous measurements of premium quality, third party tested psilocybin derived from the world's most beloved psychedelic mushroom, Psilocybe Cubensis.
Wonder edibles are edibles you can trust to lead you through a positive psilocybin experience, no matter what experience you’re looking for.

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Edibles Shouldn’t be a Gamble.

That’s why Bodega Mikro edibles help you gauge the exact dose you need for your ideal cannabis experience, so that you can trust that you’ll feel the same effect, every single time, and that you’re in control of deciding the right dose for your unique needs. Finding your perfect dose requires precision. And at Mikro, precision is our priority.

In a world where excess is everywhere, it can be hard not to go overboard when you’re looking to begin integrating edibles into your daily holistic wellness routine. Bodega Mikro believes that cannabis should be accessible, and that belief includes ensuring that options for accurately measure microdosing and dosing for canna-beginners are available to Canadians who want them.

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