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The decade we’ve grown so familiar with has now come to a close. While there should be a lot more things to plan for or be sentimental about at a time like this, we’ve instead chosen to let you in on a few bud strains that we think would serve you well in the New Year.

Before we start on the list, we want to first make a disclaimer that if you are looking for indica-specific strains, this list might not be for you. The strains compiled here are dominantly sativa, with a few hybrids and a clear absence of indica. We want to be pumped about the New Years! However, if you are more of the slowly ease-in type, we’ve included an honourable mention for you as well.

Strain #1: Green Crack (AAA)

Okay, we know that we currently have a 1-star review on the Green Crack strain, but that has hardly anything to do with how potent and tasteful this strain is. When you buy weed online in Canada, what is the number one thing you look for? If you answer any of price, quality, and taste, then we’ve got good news; this strain has it all. Being a sativa, Green Crack energizes its user, providing motivating effects and sharpens focus – perfect for hitting that New Year resolution you’ve just set.

Strain #2: Sour Diesel (AA)

Our second entry for the best marijuana strain to kick off 2020 is the Sour Diesel double A grade strain. Named for its pungent, diesel-like aroma, this fast-acting strain is perfect for any New Year party you may plan on attending. Don’t be fooled by its AA grade – it’s still as potent as any high-grade strain, with just slightly smaller nugs!

Strain #3: King Tut (AAA)

Feeling down from all the cold and rainy weather? Try some King Tut. This triple A strain, otherwise known as Tutankhamon, is very widely praised for its ability to instantly “rejuvenate” someone, or in other words provide them with instant energy. It has a slight hint of skunk aroma with a mix blend of fruits and flowers.

Strain #4: Wedding Cake (AAA)

Recently a featured strain on our Instagram, the Wedding Cake Triple A bud strain is the perfect once-in-a-while strain that packs a very unique punch. A cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie strain, the Wedding Cake is known for its delicious sweet taste and rarity of the strain. Coming in as a hybrid strain with a very high THC percentage, it’s the perfect strain to smoke at parties or enjoy with friends!

Strain #5: Sugar Cookie (AAAA)

As if Wedding Cake wasn’t sweet enough for your taste, there’s Sugar Cookie. This is the first indica-dominant entry on our list, which coats its user with a pleasant aroma of relaxing sweetness. While it still has the same properties of indica, able to put users to sleep, it is more relaxed and does not immediately cloak the user in a sense of haziness. This strain is perfect for chilled-out parties and should be enjoyed with friends. Here’s to 2020!


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