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The Emerald Cup, Bud Lab Best Dabs

Every year cannabis enthusiasts from across the globe come together for this huge competition. Judging everything from flavour to colour to, of course scent, this competition is a mecca for weed lovers. Below are some dabs that stood out in the crowd.

Purple Starburst Hash Rosin

This six-star hash rosin has such amazing clarity and a phenomenal profile. This Purple Starburst integrates a sweet mix of fruity terps to create a smooth experience. The dab was smooth and left a candied coating in my mouth long after the vapor dissipated.

Silver Skunk Live Resin

Silver Skunk Live Resin is an awesome first-timer experience. The flavour from is an intricate balance of sweet fruit flavours and subtle earthy undertones. Its sativa dominant profile gives it an edge for those looking for a chill high.

Pink Lemonade Hash Rosin

Beautiful color, soaring effects, and its robust and complex flavour profile helped this dab take home the prize as the Top Solventless Hash at the 2017 Emerald Cup.

Gas House OG Live Resin

This fuely, diesel terps provides a strong flavour and robust scent. The unique flavour lingers on your tongue for the better part of a full afternoon.

SFV OG Live Resin

SFV OG has always been one of the biggest fan favourite strains. This live resin had a spectacular blend of piney earthiness and pungent skunk that created a pleasant swirl of kushy flavor.

There they are, the best dabs from the 2017 Emerald Cup! Comment below and let us know your thoughts of our review of this year’s Emerald Cup results!

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