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Beginners' Guide to Bud Strains

We get it. Finding the right bud strain can be overwhelming as there are a lot of strains to choose from, especially if you are new to the cannabis world. It requires some experience and a little knowledge to select the best bud strain depending on your needs. Fortunately, at Bud Lab, we provide the most premium quality cannabis products in Canada and do our best to ensure that all the information provided is the most accurate and valuable for our customers. 

To start with, you’ve probably heard about different cannabis strains and their purposes. For example, some bud strains are ideal for boosting energy, improving your social skills, improving creativity, treating medical conditions such as anxiety or depression, or treating muscle pains. Regardless of your purpose or desire, there’s a good chance cannabis can be your answer.

Despite its taboo status in many countries worldwide, cannabis has proven effective for those suffering from medical conditions. It is an excellent tool for people who need an extra push to feel happy or relaxed. A clinical study conducted in 2018 showed that patients with various conditions, including pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, and gastrointestinal problems, saw an increase in quality of life and alleviation of their ailments 3 months after they started consuming marijuana by either smoking or eating or topically applying. The study also saw an increase in user task performance, signifying a boost in cognitive function.

How do you know which bud strain is the best for you? That’s probably one of the most common questions regarding cannabis. Finding the right one can be challenging; however, we’ve put this complete beginner’s guide to bud strains that will give you a better idea when selecting the right weed strain.

What is a Bud Strain?

Let’s start with the essential thing, what is a bud strain? A strain is a genetic variation of the cannabis plant that gives the buds their aroma, effects, and appearance. Cannabis plants come in many strains, each of which has its cannabinoid production, appearance, and effects. 

Some of the most common terms in the cannabis world appear as Sativa, Indica & Hybrid. Under each one, hundreds of different strains provide many benefits according to your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid weed strains…

As recently mentioned, there are 3 most common bud strains: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Each one, especially Indica and Sativa, is very different from one another as they both have diverse genetic backgrounds, and it can be tricky to find a full Sativa or Indica strain. This is why you will find that most cannabis strains are either Indica or Sativa dominant, meaning the strain has more characteristics of one type. 

What about the hybrid strain? A hybrid strain is a mix of both Indica and Sativa strains. Most of them are created by crossing Indica-dominant and Sativa-dominant strains.

Sativa Strains

Sativa marijuana strains are mostly known for their euphoric and uplifting cerebral effects. They tend not to cause too much sleepiness or drowsiness, making them ideal for daytime use and social occasions. Remember at the beginning of this article when we mentioned strains that help with creativity? Well, Sativa marijuana strains are the go-to option. They improve focus and sometimes are used to alleviate depression and anxiety. 

Bud Lab’s Favourite 5 Sativa Marijuana Strains

Before indicating our best 5 Sativa Marijuana strains, there is something you should know about. Sativa strains are often categorized as A, AA, AAA, and AAAA. A-rated Sativa strains are buds with little potency; AA-rated is quality buds that are valued-priced, AAA-rated is buds cut above the rest, and last but not least, AAAA-rated Sativa strains are our top-shelf craft strains.

Blackberry Haze (AAA): Typically people think that getting high will prohibit them from being able to accomplish a task, but Blackberry Haze offers quite the opposite. Its Indica side offers a sense of relaxation but in a way that still allows you to be fully productive. Mood-boosting properties work in conjunction with a focused energy that leaves your head feeling clear and ready to work. Unlike other Sativas out there, you won’t feel like you’re over caffeinated – Blackberry Haze brings just the right amount of spunk to the table.

Chocolate Fondue (AAAA): After the first hit, users can expect a sudden rush of bliss and creative energy, encouraging their more social side, while the deeply satisfying body high makes its way to the party. This bud is perfect for any time of day as it is both relaxing for your muscles and joints as well as uplifting and engaging for those that need to be productive throughout the day.

Sophie’s Breath (AAA): The Sophie’s Breath high comes on soon after your first exhale, rushing into your mind with pure lifted euphoria before spreading her warming tendrils throughout the rest of your body. As your mind expands with a touch of focus and giggly creativity, your body will start to relax into a slightly couch-locked state that doesn’t affect your energy level in the slightest.

Strawberry Cough (AAA): Strawberry Cough pairs perfectly with people-watching, studying, and reading. If you have ongoing hobbies or art projects, this is a great strain to get the happy, creative energy you need to keep working. The flavour is fruity with a dash of skunk. And you’ll be smiling this strain, with a hint of cerebral feeling.

Tangie (AAA): Tangie is a bright and flavourful Sativa, which means that you’ll be getting an uplifting cerebral high with enhanced creativity and euphoria, plus a focused boost of happiness. It’s also good for treating several disorders, though specifics are hard to come by: nausea, anxiety, lack of appetite, and depression.


The above are great, but you might be missing out. Take a look at some of the Bud Lab’s heaviest hitting Sativas.

Indica Strains

Indica marijuana strains are best known for their relaxing and soothing effect. However, they also produce the effect of sedating and sleep-inducing. Because of this, Indica bud strains are usually recommended to be used by night. They are ideal for treating depression and anxiety.

Some of Our Best Selling Indica Strains This Summer

Same as Sativas, Indicas are also categorized as A, AA, AAA, and AAAA. Here are our best 5 Indica strains you must try now:

Dosi Cookies (AAAA): Dosi Cookies is a very pungent Indica dominant hybrid packing an OG gas coupled with the doughy hints of the Girl Scout Cookies. A great aid for insomnia, this pungent filter killer creates a body buzz eliminating aches and pains while improving mood and creating lethargy.

Jet Fuel Gelato (AAA+): Jet Fuel Gelato is an Indica-dominant hybrid that’s a cross of the powerful Hi-Octane and Jet Fuel strains. This strain boasts a super high potency level with a delicious flavour that will leave you coming back for more.

Pink Bubba (AAA): The Pink Bubba high is just as wonderful as the flavour, with long-lasting and lifted effects that are perfect for when you just want to kick back and relax without a care in the world.

MK Ultra (AA+): This strain has both won and placed high in various cannabis judging contests throughout the years, and you can expect a high that matches that reputation. Perfect for medicating stress and pain away, while helping put you to sleep. Don’t expect to get much done after some puffs of this.

Purple Yoda (AAAA): This strain is best suited for lazy days, afternoons, or nights to curl up in front of the television set and watch cinematic classics. Not an ideal choice for busy days or tiresome social interactions.


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Hybrid Strains

Hybrid cannabis strains produce a blend of Sativa and Indica strains. These strains are an excellent choice for anyone looking for an in-between strain with a robust combination of both physical and cerebral effects.

5 Hybrid Strains That You Need to Try Out

Finally, for those of you that want to be a pleasant mix of the extroverted partygoer with a side of laid-back relaxation, these next strains are a must for your next sesh.

Alien Cream (AAAA): The Alien Cream Cake high is definitely a creeper, working its way into your mind a few minutes after your final exhale before fully taking hold. You’ll feel a subtle building lift that gently boosts your mood into a state of pure euphoria before spreading throughout your entire body, easing away aches and pains and leaving you feeling almost weightless.

Bluefin Tuna (AAA): This bud has a sweet blueberry taste that’s accented by hints of pungent diesel and a punch of rotting fish that leaves you gagging. The aroma is very similar, although with a heavily spicy and diesel overtone to it, too.

Cement Shoes (AAA+): At a 19% average THC level, Cement Shoes provide a pleasant high that should satisfy experienced users. The name implies a feeling of physical heaviness and mental lockdown, which we think is accurate. The deep bliss of this strain will quickly make you feel like taking root in your couch as your pain, cramps, and muscle spasms fade away.

Crazy Glue (AAA+): Crazy Glue will have you stuck wherever you happened to be sitting for hours on end. The high comes on with a creeping effect, sneaking up on the mind with a numbing euphoria that attacks the brain, filling you with a sense of unfocused happy calm.

Joker (AAAA+): Joker is typically recommended for experienced users, but if you are a newer user with higher tolerance, you may give this strain a try if you start low, and go slow!


Not interested in the above? Check out some of our Highest Quality Hybrid Strains.

Finding The Right Cannabis Strain For You

Finding the right cannabis strain depends on the effect you’re looking for. It will be up to you to experiment with the benefits of each strain and find the ones you like best. Whether you want to consume them by smoking, eating, or drinking your favourite strain, always make sure to start slow and go slow, as each body reacts differently. We hope that this beginner’s guide to bud strains has been a lot of help. If you have more questions, contact us today, and we will be happy to assist you!

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