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Just like buying a laptop, getting a new phone plan, or financing a car, a lot of thought can go into the decision. Things such as “is it a good choice”, “am I paying too much”, and “is it going to last me long” can be the primary determinants of whether we pick up that new iPhone release or stick with something cheaper. Just like a good bulk of other consumer goods, a lot can determine whether a vape pen is for you.

With as many differences to the above scenarios as there are alike, picking out a good vape pen may not be as easy as walking into a shop and grabbing the cheapest, or the flashiest pen off the shelf. However, it is likely that once you pick out your first vape pen, you are likely to stick to that brand for as long as you are a happy consumer.

While this may not come as surprising to some veterans, it can appear as quite a large claim to those just getting started. Should you go Mac or PC? Are you a Bob vape pen kind of guy? Or perhaps you’re a man of Culture instead. Or, you saw some our newly-added Aira flavours and are considering picking one up, if you haven’t already yet. If you are of the latter camp, here are a few reasons that might either sway you into clicking that Checkout button, or make you revaluate your options.

Aira Vape Pens, the Ultimate Value for Money

Sources online indicate that a brick & mortar vaporizer shop costs approximately $10,000 USD to maintain monthly, on top of whatever rent, payroll, losses, and product sourcing costs. The final cost ends up somewhere between $25,000 to $50,000 USD just to keep the doors open.

Traditional vendors usually adds a layer of markup to the price of their vape pens to cover some of their own overhead costs. At the end of the day, customers can end up paying over 150% the actual cost of the pen, and that’s assuming the pen works.

This isn’t the case with Aira vape pens. As a manufacturer who exclusively sells their THC and CBD vape pens to online dispensaries, Aira is able to keep its vape pens away from excessively high markups, selling them for almost the base price of ingredients and labour. This allows customers to get exactly what they’re paying for, at an unbeatable price, with dozens of assurance policies sure to cover a replacement if ever needed.

Aira Vape Pens and its Natural Vape Pen Flavours

An aspect that makes Aira different from a lot of other manufacturers is its somewhat limited selection of flavours. Some vape enthusiasts sees this as a disadvantage. Others understand and can relate to the company’s effort in limiting the use of any unnatural ingredients in its recipes.

Unlike other manufacturers who fill their vape cartridges with all kinds of crazy flavours, Aira insists on using only flavours that can be found in nature, eliminating the need to use harmful ingredients such as vitamin E acetate and others. If you’re ever on the search for a holistic vape pen, then Aira will be as close as you’re going to get.

Aira Vape Pens: A Brand Renowned for its Perfection

Kindly do this for us: try searching for any negative Aira reviews online and let us know if you can find any. Unless you put some serious time and effort into it, negative reviews are scarce and far between.

Here’s a typical negative review. Not so bad right?

In Summary

We hope the above has given you a few ideas on whether an Aira vape pen might be in your future. Also, it’s one thing that you decide to buy an Aira vape pen, and another thing that you make the decision of buying from us. Bud Lab offers some of the best guarantees and replacement policies on vape pens and all other products. If you have a question about our product or service, please reach out to one of our customer support specialists – we’re always happy to help!

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  1. Seems a very well made vape…feels solid,looks nice.Quite happy with it 🙂 5 stars

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