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Cannabis legalization in British Columbia is right around the corner. Aside from it happening, do you know about the specifics of the change? There are a lot of misconceptions, misunderstandings, and misinformation circulating about the legalization on October 17th.

This article will take you through all of the misconceptions, as well as some guidelines for you to follow after legalization does arrive.

Possessing Cannabis

Cannabis possession is limited to those over 19 years of age. However, possession is more complex.

The following people can possess cannabis:

  • A carrier transporting cannabis, with federal Cannabis Act authorization
  • A private cannabis retailer
  • Persons who purchased cannabis from a licensed retailer or the government
  • Persons who were given lawfully purchased cannabis
  • A person who lawfully imported cannabis into British Columbia
  • A person who is lawfully growing cannabis
  • A person possessing cannabis from a lawful plant

Obviously, providing marijuana to minors is an offence. Plus, minors must not enter places where cannabis is sold or used. This is unlike liquor laws which currently allow minors to be inside liquor stores and most licensed establishments.

Also, please note that individuals bringing marijuana into B.C. from outside the province are required to report it to the government.

Possession Restrictions

As an adult, you can only possess a certain quantity of marijuana. In a public place, adults may not have more than 30 grams of dried marijuana, or an equivalent amount in another form. Regulations that have yet to be defined, impose quantity limits in non-public places, including residences, dormitories, hotels, and vacation homes.

PLEASE NOTE: this limit is shared between two people if they’re in the same location.

Cannabis in Cars

Marijuana isn’t allowed in vehicles… except if it is still in the original, unopened packaging from a federal producer and not readily accessible to the driver or passengers. This is very vague, but it’s rough guideline for you while driving. There’s also a limit of four cannabis plants in a vehicle at any one point, and these plants cannot be budding or flowering. Obviously, federal producers and carriers are exempt.

Where Can I Use Cannabis?

This is a more obvious one, but it’s important to note that cannabis use is not permitted on school property, while driving or boating, or while in a vehicle or on a boat. Smoking or vaping is not permitted in open-air recreational areas, transportation stations, on the ferry or in passenger zones. Smoking or vaping is also prohibited in enclosed public spaces, workplaces and common areas of shared buildings.

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