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Meditation plays an essential role in physical and mental health. It can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind, and it can also help you learn to stay centred and keep inner peace. However, for some people, finding this state of mind can be difficult as they can easily get distracted by outer thoughts. 

By incorporating marijuana into your meditation routine, your sessions could be elevated to new heights allowing you to find an inner fount of silence. Combining marijuana and meditation is a great option to treat depression and anxiety and reduce physical pain and inflammation. There are plenty of benefits when using marijuana for meditation. In this article, we will explain how weed can improve your meditation and the best tips to have a wonderful meditation experience.

Benefits to Combining Marijuana and Meditation

Under proper dosages, marijuana can slow people down and give a sense of calm to your body, which is ideal for experiencing the highest level of meditation. As a result, many users report a “deeper” experience and quicker relaxation. Therefore, pairing marijuana and meditation to manage stress is the ideal combo. 

From a scientific side, CB1 receptors are responsible for our brain’s inhibition and excitation response, allowing the optimal kind of functioning of brain chemistry. These receptors are part of the endocannabinoid system, which promotes balance in this arena through 3 neurotransmitters – GABA, dopamine, and glutamate. When you introduce cannabis into the system, these neurotransmitters are impacted, making it easier to relax, focus and settle into the experience of meditation.

Consumption of Marijuana for Meditation

Marijuana has increased in popularity in the last couple of years, and so has its way of being consumed. Nowadays, there are many ways of ingesting weed, from eating yummy gummies to flavourful THC-infused drinks

For meditation, however, it is recommended to vape or smoke weed rather than doing edibles as it can take up to two hours for effects to kick in, which can take a long time for people to meditate. With vaping, for example, users can use microdose and find their desired state of consciousness more precisely. If you are familiar with cannabis, smoking can be the best way to meditate, as you can “get in the zone” much quicker.

Bud Lab’s 3 Best Marijuana Strains for Meditation

Several cannabis strains are ideal for meditation. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly used cannabis strains for meditation.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

This strain is among the most popular hybrid strains. It also helps to treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Not only is the appearance of this strain unique, but the taste, which tastes like chocolate, cherry, mind, and lemongrass all at the same time.

Funky Charms

Not only do funky charms make you feel uplifted and happy, but they’ll also make you feel very relaxed. Consumers have reported feeling a stress-free mental space.

Pink Amnesia

This strain has a lot of Indica traits from its Pink Kush lineage, clean and calming. With Pink Amnesia, you will find it easier to concentrate and focus than a pure Pink Kush, which makes it an excellent daytime strain.


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Our Best Tips for Using Marijuana for Meditation

Looking for some help before you start your meditation journey? Let us give you a hand.

Find the Right Strain

There are a lot of opinions about the best type of marijuana for meditating. Sativa strains are more for an energy boost; however, their uplifting effects could be challenging to slow down. Indica will relax the body faster, but this might be tricky as it can turn a short meditation into a long nap. No matter what strain you’d like to use, we suggest giving a try to the marijuana strains we just listed in this article.

Be Careful With Your Weed Dosage

Each body reacts differently to cannabis; moderation is essential when mixing cannabis and meditation. Vape products and flowers have rapid results and will put you in the right headspace immediately — but be careful how many tokes you’ll take to maintain mindfulness.

Considering meditating using edibles? Here’s an article we recommend about the ultimate weed edibles dosage guide.

Relax Your Body

Now that you’ve chosen the right weed strain and dosage, it is time to do some meditation. It is recommended to start at your feet, toes, and ankles, letting them relax fully. Then, move up your legs, thighs, hips, lower back, and stomach with your arms, hands, fingers, shoulders, neck, jaw, and all the muscles in your face. Take your time and allow yourself to discover tension and release fluidity in its place.


Now that you have a better idea of using cannabis for meditation don’t forget to try these tips for yourself and experience a peaceful state of mind. There is no doubt that marijuana works well with meditation, so get some comfy clothes, light a joint, take a few deep breaths, and relax in meditative silence.

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