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After seeing the rapport we received with our previous blogs discussing the different mushroom strains to try, we want to follow up with another classic strain – the Melmac Magic Mushrooms. While not as widely known as some of the more popular strains in the Canadian market such as the Huautla magic mushrooms or the Albino Avery magic mushrooms, The Melmac mushroom has many interesting properties of its own – properties that have drawn countless psychedelic trippers towards this particular strain and swear by above all alternatives.


What Makes Melmac Mushrooms So Special

Acclaimed for its incredible ability in providing the user with a mind-awakening experience sheltered in euphoria, Melmac mushrooms are known to be one of the most pleasant magic mushrooms available in the Canadian market. Unlike other strains that yield either incredible highs or mind-crushing lows depending on the tripper’s mood and environment, the Melmac mushroom offers a more cohesive experience to the person consuming, introducing some level of logic to the trip. 


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For this reason, the Melmac strain of magic mushrooms are desired by many trippers, though its popularity is not widespread due to the rarity of the strain, and sometimes misclassification. Penis Envy, a much more prominent strain in the Canadian market, is often confused for Melmac magic mushrooms due to the two’s similar appearance and weight. Thankfully, the two strains both provide trippers with a similar experience, with Penis Envy being sometimes a wild card and Melmac being more consistent in its effects.


The Many Experiences Melmac Mushrooms Provide

Let’s get down to the important stuff. Melmac mushrooms have been reported by many enthusiasts to be a consistent shroom, capable of providing trippers the following effects:

  • Supremely relaxing, a very laid back experience
  • Zero sense of anxiety or panic
  • Giggles and pleasant social experiences while taking with friends
  • Minimal visuals; most senses focused on smell, sound, and taste
  • Evokes tears of joy for the duration of the trip (~2 hours)
  • Overall feeling of safety and happiness

Of course, the same strain of mushrooms will likely provide different effects depending on how you’re currently situated. We recommend trying a variety of activities when under the effects of Melmac to discover which is most pleasant for you. Here are 5 activities to partake in when under the influence of magic mushrooms to enhance your experience.


Suggested Dosage for Melmac Magic Mushroom

As one of the more tame and happy strains of mushrooms, the suggested dosage guide for Melmac is similar to many other strains. We recommend the following dosage amounts for users of different experience levels:

  • For beginners, start with ~1 gram for a pleasant experience
  • For average users, 2 grams to upwards of 3.5 grams is typically recommended
  • And last but not least, dosages above ~3.5 grams are sure to satisfy the most experience psychonauts

Remember, everyone’s mind reacts differently to magic mushrooms, and these dosage suggestions are merely a recommendation. Depending on your weight, size, and height, you might be in for a completely different trip than what you may expect at a given dose. Read more about proper dosing on our ultimate guide on magic mushrooms for beginners.


Buying Melmac Magic Mushrooms in Canada

Given its rarity, many psilocybin enthusiasts we’ve spoken with have had difficulty locating the Melmac strain of shrooms in Canada. Our team has made an effort and reached out to the most acclaimed growers throughout the country and managed to source a solid batch of Melmac mushrooms, available now in our shop in 5g grab bags and 1g quantities.

Whether you’re a magic mushroom lover local to Vancouver BC, or are on the east coast in Ontario, Bud Lab is the trusted destination to purchase psilocybin mushrooms and cannabis from for thousands of Canadians. Our online shopping process is simple, easy and one of the most secure in Canada. If you’re in the market to try out Melmac magic mushrooms or any other strains, definitely check out our dedicated shop, stocked full of the most exotic shrooms available in Canada!

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