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Since its legalization in Canada, cannabis use had increased compared to when it wasn’t legal. By late 2020, the number of people who used Cannabis almost every day in Canada had increased to 46%, according to Statistics Canada. In addition, the global cannabis market during the COVID-19 pandemic has been estimated to value USD 25,650.40 million in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 176,005.50 million by 2030.

No wonder why Cannabis has gained so much popularity in recent years. Its properties have proven to treat medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, etc. It is also one of the go-to escape tools to chill, relax, or even experience a sense of euphoria that helps you improve your social skills. 

Yet despite its growing popularity, you might think that you know everything about Cannabis; however, there might be some interesting facts that will surprise you.

You Can Get a Cannabis Degree

Some colleges in Canada have launched cannabis programs where you will develop the skills needed to support cannabis product development, quality, process optimization, consistency, and safety within this emerging industry.

You Can Buy Cannabis For Your Pets

Marijuana has been used for years as a therapeutic tool for relieving insomnia, anxiety, and epilepsy. In addition, Cannabis has also turned into a helpful tool for pets suffering from cancer, joint problems, anxiety, and allergies. Even though little research has been done, dog owners have reported that CBD oil has improved their dog’s living conditions. 

Interested in using CBD oil for your pet? We’ve put together a great article on CBD Oil for Pets: Benefits, Safety, and More.


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There Are Male and Female Cannabis Plants!

Crazy as it sounds, cannabis and hemp plants are considered dioecious, meaning they have either male or female reproductive organs. The difference between a male and a female cannabis plant is that the male plant cannot be smoked as its only purpose is to produce seeds so more plants can grow. A female plant, on the other hand, can be smoked and grown for its flowers.

Cannabis is Less Addictive Than Plenty Well-Known Legal Substances

One of the main concerns regarding Cannabis is if it will turn into an addiction. It is strongly believed that fewer than 10% of people who use weed develop a dependence on it. In addition, while there is still a risk of developing a psychological dependence on pot, research has shown that marijuana does not contain chemical properties that are physically addictive.

Cannabis Can Improve Senior Life Quality

Recent surveys indicate that more Canadian seniors are trying marijuana, especially CBD, to treat all conditions, including inflammation, chronic pain, poor sleep, arthritis, anxiety, and stress. If you are interested in getting to know some information, we’ve included a great article that indicates what Canadian seniors should know about using CBD.

These are just a few exciting and mind-blowing facts about Cannabis. This list doesn’t compare to all the fantastic benefits cannabis offers. There are two most common strains used for recreational and medical purposes; Sativa and Indica, and both of them provide significant benefits. We suggest reading this article on Sativa vs Indica: Understanding Differences and Usages. 


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