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Magic Mushroom Door Opening Trip

Magic mushrooms have hit Canada by storm — almost as fast as the cannabis market had in 2018 when weed was officially legalized. With this new craze comes plenty of new strains that are all unique in their profile and effects. Amongst the more common strains like Albino Avery and B+ Magic Mushrooms, several strains are well-known, heralded, but feared at the same time, for their high potency and reported effects on trippers. Amongst that list, Blue Meanies sit high towards the top. Here are 5 reasons why you are likely not ready for the Blue Meanies Magic Mushroom, brought to you by those who’ve tried it and here to tell the tale.


Reason 1: Blue Meanies have triple the amount of Psilocybin than other shrooms

Compared to your average magic mushrooms, the Blue Meanies strain of magic mushrooms contain 2-3 times the amount of psilocybin, enough to make you go on a long, adventurous trip with just the smallest of dosages. The strain is even higher in psilocybin content than the Penis Envy shroom, which is known to take users on a wild trip as one of the rarest and most potent strains. We would not recommend the Blue Meanies mushroom if you do not have previous experience with magic mushrooms. Even long-time cannabis users can be shunned by its potency when trying this strain for the first time.


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Reason 2: It’s going to be a wild trip

Other than the fact that it will get you high easily, the Blue Meanies strain of mushroom will also get you very high, much more than shrooms of the same category. This means if you are on a good trip, the effects will be much more enjoyable, euphorically entertaining your wildest imaginations. On the contrary, if you happen to have a bad trip, we pray for you. For this reason, we recommend Blue Meanies only for the most adventurous or experienced users, the latter for their experience in rigging and maxing out the odds of having a pleasurable trip.


Reason 3: Blue Meanies is pricey compared to other magic mushrooms

Last but not least, Blue Meanies are commonly one of the most expensive magic mushrooms on the Canadian market, with some fetching as high as $20 per gram. This cost-prohibitive price point excludes a lot of prospecting users from trying the strain, simply for the fact that it’s a risk potentially not worth the reward. Thankfully, some online dispensaries such as ourselves do carry Blue Meanies for a much more stomachable price, without sacrificing any of the quality. And the more you buy, the more you save.


Should You Try the Blue Meanies Magic Mushroom?

While the answer is not, and never will be, a definitive yes or no, there are a few criterias you should evaluate when deciding if you should try the Blue Meanies magic mushroom. Consider your tolerance, your experience with shrooms, and how willing you are to take a journey into the world of self-exploration and mind-awakening wonders where anything goes. If you are looking for an adventure, this may be the perfect strain. And if that sounds right down your alley, well, you may opt to be better equipped with our ultimate guide to psilocybin magic mushrooms first.

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